Investment Loans

No matter what the investment or purpose, National Finance Corporation can structure your investment loans for added security and greater tax savings.

If your financial aims involve income generation or capital growth, NFC can help you structure your investment deals, grow your property portfolio and put you in the best position to make money on your investment!

As one of the finance industry's most trusted and experienced mortgage brokers, NFC has access to a wide range of lenders. Our years of experience in structuring investment loans and sourcing highly competitive rates and extensive features mean that you can secure your financial future sooner.

We will take the time to understand the particular needs of your investment and we can negotiate loan features such as:

Professional packages;
Low interest rates;
Interest only facilities;
Fixed rate options;
Optimised gearing strategies to maximise equity;
Free redraw facility; and
Split facilities including line of credit.

We can offer you ideal investment solutions by offering you a variety of loan products in each loan category. Our loan packages will provide you with peace of mind because you'll know that we've secured the right package for you!

NFC can also help ease the stress of investing by doing all the ground work for you and by fully explaining the loan process to you so you know what to expect.

The combination of low rates, flexible loans and absolute professionalism makes NFC different from many other lenders. We are a full member of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) .

Make a confident and informed investment decision with NFC - contact us to arrange an appointment today!