Low Doc Loans

Don't have all your financials?

Talk to us about Lo and No Doc Loans designed especially for business owners and company directors. Business owners, self-employed operators, subcontractors and company directors often face difficulties when applying for loans from traditional lenders because of the impractical red tape involved.

For more than 10 years, National Finance Corporation has helped to fulfill the dreams of business people by sourcing and negotiating good value and credible Lo and No Doc loans from throughout the country.

We have a range of Lo and No Doc loans which allow you to borrow without supplying any financials, trading statements or bank statements at all.

We can provide Lo and No Doc loans for almost any purpose, including:

Buying a new home;
Investment purchases;
Refinancing and consolidating debts; or
Line of Credit and Credit Cards.

We have loans available at near standard bank variable interest rates, and most have no ongoing fees.

Only a few lenders offer Lo and No Doc loans and you should be wary of the loan's limitations. The wrong choice can be a costly mistake.

This is where our extensive experience in the banking and finance industry, and in particular in Lo and No Doc lending, is critical. Only an experienced mortgage broker will be able to analyse the loan and adequately advise you on the best loan for your needs.

Even if you have had prior credit issues, including bankruptcies, we may still be able to assist.

Call us today to discuss a Lo / No Doc loan that is suitable for you.