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"We wanted to purchase our first home but didn't have the 5-10% deposit required. After approaching National Finance Corporation we were able to buy our new home with only 3% deposit."

"I had an approval from one of the major banks and they wanted to charge me $6000 in mortgage insurance. After speaking with National Finance Corporation they were able to arrange a loan with no mortgage insurance and I only had a 15% deposit. The rate was also over 1% cheaper than that of my own bank and I received a fee free credit card and a 100% offset account."

"Ben and I wanted to purchase our fourth property but we thought we did not have enough equity. National Finance Corporation was able to obtain a $790,000 loan over the four properties with only a little over 10% equity. We were originally told the banks and mortgage insurers wouldn't give us money."

"I have been self-employed for several years but have always minimised my income and have not completed my last 2 years tax returns. My bank told me I could not afford to upgrade my home but I knew I could afford it. National Finance Corporation showed me how I could purchase my new home with no financials at all. I didn't even have to sell my existing home which I now have rented. They even arranged a credit card for me, all of this with no financials!"

"My wife and I had three credit defaults and a judgment due to being made redundant a little while ago and we could not meet our commitments. Every bank I spoke to said they would not lend us money until the defaults had been cleared from our credit report. That would have been years. National Finance Corporation showed me how we could refinance and consolidate all of our loans, and they also had the defaults and judgment cleared. We are now saving $1000 per month."

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