Credit Repair

What is Credit Repair?

Many Australians have what we refer to as a "black mark" on their credit file. These black marks may include Overdue accounts, defaults, court listings, judgments, clear-outs, crossed or linked files, multiple identities and more.

When you make a credit application and there is a black mark on your credit file the lender may instantly decline the application and refer you to a credit reporting agency to find out more. If you have any doubts at all, we strongly urge you to order a copy of your credit file before making an application to a lender. In some cases your credit file may be repairable. Repairing a black mark on your credit file means ultimately having it removed from your credit file completely. After this is achieved we then make our credit application to the lender.

Not all black marks can be removed, but a large number can. You need the expert advice before you apply for a loan. Once a bank/lender or mortgage insurer see a black mark it may be too late!

Talk to NFC Mortgage Brokers about who can assist you in achieving this ultimate outcome.